We provide the highest quality medical cannabis at the lowest possible rates. We have maripills, tinctures, cannabutter, hashish, high-potency extract oil and topicals that actually work.

Individualized treatment options. Free consultation by a certified meidcal cannabis consultant.

All medicine is produced by patients with stringent controls and optimum effectiveness with no toxoc ingrediants!

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Lifevine is the one and only truly legal cannabis collective in WA.
In recent years, hundreds of marijuana dispensaries were tolerated, but they were illegal, run by non-patients for-profit. Those private medical shops are now closed because our state government decided that tax money is more important than public health.
The Evergreen State has turned its back on thousands of marijuana patients. But we still have the right to grow our own medicine!
Lifevine continues to improve and extend the lives of its members with the highest quality cannabis medicines.
WATCH:  Cannabis Common Sense 839 with Martin Martinez, 5/20/16

Patients with certain medical conditions are qualified to possess limited amounts of marijuana with their doctor's recomendation. As a qualified patient, you are allowed to grow your own medicine, or find a designated provider to grow it for you.

Many patients, who are unable to produce quality medicine alone, join a collective garden.

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Cannabis Common Sense 839 with Martin Martinez, 5/20/16
Medical Marijuana at Town Hall 12/21/13
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Patients helping patients since 1999

On July 1st 2016, 18 years after medical marijuana was legalized by voters, WA state began cashing in on the misfortunes of people with terminal and debilitating illnesses. Hundreds of medical dispensaries were forced to close June 30th. Thousands of patients were suddenly unable to obtain medical-grade cannabis.
Even the state’s lower-quality recreational marijuana is out of reach for most. The hefty 37% excise tax makes state-regulated marijuana far too expensive for medical use.  
Government studies tell us recreational pot users consume 2.3 grams, about two and a half joints, per week. Cannabis patients may use ten times that amount. But severely ill people cannot afford to pay the inflated prices set by organized criminals or by organized capitalists.
Commercial marijuana is mass-produced at factory-farms. Marijuana sold in retail stores is grown with low-cost synthetic fertilizers and over 250 approved pesticides. In at least two cases, stores have even sold volumes of pot tainted with non-approved pesticides.
State-regulated marijuana is mostly grown outdoors, where fields are drenched in pesticides. This new era of poisoned pot bodes ill for people with impaired immune systems, a health risk that is greatly multiplied in cannabis concentrates.
Medical-grade cannabis is grown with expensive, high-quality organic nutrients and NO PESTICIDES.
 Medical-grade cannabis is grown indoors without insects and airborne pollutants.
Medical-grade cannabis is washed at harvest-time with an antiseptic to eliminate contaminants and and microbes.
Medical users seek to relieve pain, correct physiological problems, and/or reduce the side-effects of pharmaceutical drugs. They generally do not wish to increase nerve sensitivity or anxiety with the types of pot preferred by recreational users.
Medical cannabis promotes relaxation and healing feelings due to a number of cannabis compounds. CBD, CBN, CBC, CBG, and other cannabinoids alter the psychotropic effects of THC, reducing intoxication while adding medicinal qualities. Recreational pot rarely delivers those essential medicinal compounds.
The most effective cannabis medications, like high-CBD medicines and high-potency extract oils needed to fight seizures and cancer are simply not available in retail stores. Washington voters approved recreational marijuana because, as the Yes on I 502! website still promises:
“I-502 does not change the Washington State Medical Use of Cannabis Act. Patients still may grow their own marijuana. The law provides only that patients can grow for themselves, designate others to grow for them, or join a collective garden consisting of no more than 10 patients.”
But I 502 HAS changed the medical laws. The government has imposed unworkable limits on severely ill patients, for the sole purpose of increasing tax revenue.
Long before I-502, WA voters approved the Medical Use of Marijuana Act of 1998 to remove this vulnerable population, seriously ill people who use marijuana as medicine, from the devastating effects of the War on Pot. Yet Washington's cannabis patients continue to balance health risks with legal risks, like going to jail vs. going to the hospital.
Stranger than fiction, "Big Brother" is now the pot pusher in WA. But we the patients know not much has changed since 1998. We still have the right to use medical marijuana because it was granted by the good people of this state in our affirmative defense!
Martin Martinez
Founder of Lifevine


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