The New Prescription: Marijuana as Medicine by Martin Martinez

Everything the DEA Doesn't Want You to Know About Medical Marijuana.

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This book is a valuable addition to the library of every medical marijuana enthusiast. The author discusses the pros and cons of using marijuana to treat dozens of medical conditions, translating the latest scientific terminology into easily digestable concepts. The book also includes a brief summary of historical references to the medicinal use of cannabis, and the recently released Institute of Medicine study supporting medicinal use of marijuana.

"I am most impressed with the book and believe that it will be helpful to many people who want to understand more about this remarkable medicine." --Lester Grinspoon, M. D., Harvard Medical School

"Opponents say the medical value of marijuana is anecdotal. But those anecdotes number in the thousands and date back thousands of yeaers. Penicillin was approved for use with far less experience and data – six patients, to be exact." --USA Today©

"If the research shows that there are circumstances to which there is no alternative for alleviating the pain that doctors believe can be alleviated through the use of medical marijuana, then under certain limited medical circumstances, if the research validates that choice, then it should be allowed." --Vice President Al Gore.

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  • The 20th Century U. S. marijuana policies were driven by capitalist motives and racial prejudice.

  • The 1937 Marijuana Tax Act effectively outlawed all uses of hemp by imposing a cost prohibitive tax.

  • The American Medical Association adamantly objected to the prohibition of medical marijuana.

  • Medical marijuana was legally prescribed in the United States until 1942.

  • The Controlled Substances Act of 1970 classified marijuana as a Schedule I drug with “no medical value and a high potential for abuse”.

  • In the age of AIDS and chemotherapy, a stunning 96% of Americans supported the medical use of marijuana in the 1998 CNN news poll. 

  • At the dawn of the 21st Century, the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy has admitted that the evidence for the medicinal value of marijuana is irrefutable.


  • The English word canvas is derived from the word cannabis, evidencing the supreme importance of hemp fiber in European seafaring technology.

  • There are two primary species of Cannabis: tall Sativa, cultivated for fiber and seed industries, and short Indica, whose flowers are cultivated for the medicinal and psychoactive properties.

  • In early American colonies industrial hemp products were indispensable to world trade; hemp was a government-mandated crop.

  • In 1890, personal physician to Queen Victoria referred to cannabis as “by far the most useful of drugs” in treating many “painful maladies.”

  • The Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution were originally written on hemp paper.

  • Westerners discovered the medicinal uses of Cannabis indica in traditional Indian medicine in the 19th century; this revolutionized European and American medical practices.

  • Recent findings on archeological excavations in China evidence the use of cannabis 27,000 years ago.

  • Evidence of marijuana used as medicine has been found in Egyptian ruins dated as early as 16th century BC.

  • The references to Cannabis Indica are recorded in the Vedas, India’s sacred books written approximately 4,000 years ago.

  • A Chinese emperor Shen-Nung who ruled around 2800 BC, introduced cannabis as medicine to his people.

  • The Chinese invention of hemp paper around 200 BC revolutionized recordkeeping.

  • Hindus and Tantric Buddhists in Northern India, Tibet, and Nepal have included cannabis as an essential sacrament in religious rituals for untold millennia.

    The Eternal Enigma

  • A modern medicine at the forefront of scientific discovery AND an ancient remedy used by mankind since the dawn of civilization.

  • The most powerful herb known to man AND the safest drug available.

  • Recommended by doctors who treat terminal conditions AND a controlled substance defined as having no medical value.

  • Legal to possess in 14 American States AND illegal in every other part of the USA.

  • Blamed for illnesses from psychosis to cancer AND used as the best antidote to the ravaging effects of cancer treatment and an effective psychotropic medication.

  • A common weed that grows wild on every continent AND one of the most highly prized and highly priced horticultural products cultivated worldwide.

  • No less than a blessing to poor souls wracked in terrible pain AND a bad joke to armies of narcotics cops sworn to systematically destroy it.
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