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What to Expect When Eating Marijuana

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What to Expect When Eating Marijuana

If you cannot tolerate smoking or even vaporizing but you need to consume marijuana, consider consuming marijuana edibles instead.

If you cannot tolerate smoking or even vaporizing but you need to consume marijuana, consider consuming marijuana edibles instead. It is a great alternative which would not require you to light up or inhale the substance. All you have to do is to eat these special foods just like how you would eat a candy bar. It is discreet and very convenient.

In the past, the most common form of edible is known as the happy brownies or weed brownies which obviously include weed in the ingredients. However, one of the issues there was that weed was constantly getting stuck in between teeth. There was also an effect on the texture of the baked goodies. Nevertheless, marijuana enthusiasts were still into it.  

Nowadays, marijuana edibles come in different forms. Aside from the usual brownies, edibles now include gummies, candies, cookies, cakes, and chocolate bars. One of the popular marijuana edible provider is Cheeba Chews which introduced their product in 2009. They used cannabis extract and infused it in a chocolate taffy base which became a hit in the market.

Edibles can be a delight to the taste buds but what are the effects when you eat a marijuana-infused treat? Actually, you need to be prepared because edibles result in a more intense high which even lasts longer. The reason for this is because the cannabinoids enter through the gastrointestinal tract instead of the lungs.

Other Effects of Eating Edibles

  • If it is your first time to eat marijuana, it is always best to start small. You can always take more, as long as you do not exceed the recommended dosage. It is also important that you understand the dosage indicated on the packaging.

For first time users or those with smaller body frames, the recommended dosage is 5 milligrams. Some chocolate bars contain as much as 100 milligrams of THC so do not enjoy the bar too much or you can suffer the consequences.

  • Edibles usually take about 30 minutes to an hour to take effect so do not expect to feel something as soon as you finish eating the treat. Be patient and do not eat more just because you are not feeling anything. Also, there may be other factors that could affect the response of your body such as your metaolic rate and your diet.
  • When you feel the effect though, it can last between 4 to 12 hours, depending on the dosage. The effect can be described as a relaxing “body high” instead of the usual “head high” as caused by smoking and vaporizing.

Also, to fully enjoy the effect of marijuana edibles, do not smoke marijuana prior to eating it so that you can see and feel the difference.  

Again, results may vary so always be on the safe side by doing a little research before trying to eat marijuana edibles. What is the reason why you want to try it? Is it for medicinal purposes or just something to satisfy your curiosity? Whatever the reason is, research and ask.

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